We offer you tours to Chernobyl as unique opportunity to visit Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, site of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster. Accompanied by our best guides you will visit the Exclusion Zone, Ghost town Pripyat, and a nuclear city within the zone where inhabitants were completely evacuated after the accident.

You will also get acquainted with self-settlers of the Zone, people who came back to their homes and live there now. You will visit the top secret Soviet Military object “Duga”, the over-horizontal radar system for early detection of intercontinental ballistic missiles launches.

In this tour, you will be immersed within the atmosphere of Soviet Union 1986 and visit these unique places on an individual or group basis. You’re invited to touch history with us and will get the most vivid impressions of your life and feel how nature has taken its toll.

One-day tour to Chernobyl Exclusion Zone


Chernobyl two-days tour (Best Seller)


Private tour to Chernobyl exclusion zone


Prypyat and Chernobyl NPP tour


Tour to missile base of strategic troops


UrbEx Odessa catacombs tour


UrbEx Kiev underground tour


Tour to Museum of Corruption


Impressive Kiev city tour (full day)


Shooting tour in Kiev (real man tour)


We speak Your language!!!

Basic language of Chernobyl excursions is English but ChernobylVisit guides speak also German, Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese. For private tours or big group of friends we invite professional interpreters.

Tours to Chernobyl are absolutely safe we GARANTEE your safety!!!

What about war in Ukraine? There is no war in Ukraine. The anti-terrorist operation (ATO) has undergone in somecertain regions in the East of the country. The distance between Chernobyl and the ATO area is more than 1000 km. So Kiev area is completely safe!!!

Some words about radiation…The radiation background in Chernobyl does not exceed the normal level of radiation. The level of radiation in Pripyat does not exceed the level of on the plane during a flight across the Atlantic and 450 times smaller than the radiation level of X-ray examination in hospital. Do not hesitate! Visit Chernobyl with us!

Some good reasons

to choose us as your guide to Chernobyl


Best guides only!

The company is created by one of the best guides in the Exclusion Zone and of course we know the unique way to provide best services to you, and to give you something more, you are special for us…


Intense program

With our tours to Chernobyl you will see more than other tourists from other companies. We will be the first to arrive and the last to leave. You will see and visit everything to the maximum. All your expectations will be exceeded…


Best price

And no hidden fees. You pay just before departure for the tour, we rely on you. Food and accommodation are included in the tour price. We will also pay for your insurance in the area…



More facts

The tour will be accompanied with interesting facts about life in the Chernobyl zone before, during and after the accident, photos, videos, stories and communication with the self settlers…


Radiation control

Our guide will take you only to safe places. We provide you with a Geiger-Muller counter for free. At the end of your tour you will be checked two times by radiation control…


Safe and comfortable trip

With our professional guide and groups including no more than 10 people. We prepare everything for you – your aim is just to take the best photo collection…



Visit Chernobyl with us

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The best rooms at the Chernobyl hotel and Wi-Fi/AC comfortable bus!
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Prepare yourselves for more than you expect with our professional guides as you will find many more interesting and abandoned places!












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Some of our recent customers share their opinion about our tours


It was great to travel with those guys. They are real professionals


Cool experience! Tons of pics!


This was awsome. I will never forget it


Brilliant opportunity to visit new worlds



One-day tour

We invite you to come to the Communist era and see with your own eyes the largest technogenic accident in the human history…


Two-days tour

Discover the Ghost town of Pripyat and the wild nature, which had an advantage of civilization…


Private tour

You will see places and visit those parts of the Chernobyl zone which are not accessible for other travelling groups…


Tour to missile base

During this exciting trip You will feel like an officer of the Soviet military base who determines the fates of the world…

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